Top Ten Obesity Causing Foods! Worst Fattening Foods NOT to Eat | Weight Loss, Healthy Diet Tips
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Top Ten Obesity Causing Foods! Worst Fattening Food NOT to Eat | Weight Loss, Healthy Diet Tips Corrina counts down the 10 worst foods you could eat in terms…



elanstp says:

Top message, as always. 

MinnesotaChevy454 says:

Corrina, I recently got my first job at McDonald’s. It was my only choice because all the other places like gas stations and various stores required me to be at least 17. I’m 15, so that wasn’t going to work out. One of the big problems I have with working at the most infamous fast food restaurant in the world is that I can’t stop eating it. I mean I’m not at risk of becoming overweight because of my great metabolism, but I know that it’s not good for me at all. How can I stop eating McD?

lizzy liz says:

salty n meat… unfortunately

Luis Fernando Reyes says:

Sodas! Big trouble

baltmatrix says:

Just a note: you look very yellow in this video. Most likely you are not using the correct lighting while in front of your green screen. I suggest using 6500K CLF bulbs and then reset your camera’s white balance. The bulbs can be purchased in a pack of four from either Lowes or Home Depot for around $13.00. These bulbs will create an even, pure, white light. Check out my channel’s videos to see the effects.

baltmatrix says:

I crave salt. But if I eat something sweet I have to have something salty

Sergei Sineev says:

open boobs more everybody is thirsty

KafshakTashtak says:

Sweet and Fruits.

KafshakTashtak says:

The lighting is not good. Makes Corrina’s face Shining Yellow.

Janet Phoenix says:

sweet and carbs


frappuccino68 says:

Salty, definitely. Trying to avoid sodium chloride itself, though …

uncledavid85 says:

My favorite is bacon. Meat and salty.

Natalia Medina says:

sweet and carbs

Janice Morris says:

Corrina, what do you think about caffine free diet colas? I drink maybe 2 a day. Are they bad for me? I love your videos. Very helpful. I’m a 55 year old woman, and my highest weight was 312. I’m now at 171. I feel great, and these videos are so helpful. Thank you for what you do. Janice

mysticmanification says:

I wish fat were on the list, so I’ll have to pick either sweet or meat

zubenel444 says:

In all seriousness, though, the quality of my life has improved tremendously since I found Psychetruth. While I’m not strong enough to do EVERYTHING that Corrina recommends, the things I have done have let me drop 10 lbs over the past year without trying. I feel better than I have in 20 years! My blood sugar is well-controlled now. Less meat, more veggies, and almost no sodas. Thank you, Corrina! And thank you, Psychetruth!

Miguel Paz says:


zubenel444 says:

That’s OK.  Nobody’s perfect. We still love her. ;-)

zubenel444 says:

I crave sweets. Have all my life. So it’s not surprising that I became diabetic in my 40s.

adynyx says:

Great video but you should make videos of what you eat in a day :) please!!

Hipochacco says:

I crave carbs the most, I hate sweet stuff. I make fruit smoothies every day with frozen fruit mixed with fresh bananas =) Eating plain fruit is boring to me but this feels like a treat (even though it’s just fruit in another form)

msRA1975 says:

Hi Corina, would u consider making some healthy recipe video?

psychetruth says:

She eats fish and shrimp but not beef, chicken or pork.

iwasboredwoo says:

barbie kyewd feuds. hehehe.

S Ann says:

I like eating carob in place of chocolate. It’s the closest thing I can find that is similar to taste of chocolate that’s healthy. 

I use almond milk in place of cow milk. It tastes way better than milk anyway, esp. with a little vanilla.

I use himalayan pink salt sparingly. It’s not iodized & has tons of minerals!

Use Grade “B” maple syrup. it’s better than grade A because it is considered organic in most (or all?) cases & tastes way better.

french fry alt.=baked sweet potato fries!

CaptainCannon says:

Nice bit of cleavage on show ;)

eexotic111 says:

Coffee and Sweets. Although..I have not drink sodas for more than 7 years.and feel great!Water is my daily drink.(Infused water with fruit is really good).But I love black strong coffee and sweets..can’t give up

dj13willi says:

Oh my goodness…Corrina’s a vegetarian???

90weable says:

wow, diet coke has more caffeine.

Brad Hall says:

hat about suger free oreos?

Rob N says:

Does anyone else notice when going to the supermarket that 90% of the food there is junk and/or highly processed? The only section that contains whole foods seems to be the produce area. I suppose I’m just too picky.

TheBeebopper says:

itsa guide and I havn’t bothered to see the conditions of samp,ing. it doesn’t bother me, cos itsa guide. I try to eat 4oz of saturated fat a day but never make it, I try to eat 6oz of meat stuff each day, but never make it. i may possibly make 120g of carb on a good day, occasionally. Each is modified by each other, and two sugars in a breakfast ea will near bather me.

corrected most, neway!

GrimSolitude says:

Hey Corrina, another great nutrition & health video! As for your question, I find I crave sweet foods most often. I’m curious though, are you a professional nutritionist? If not, you should be!

TheBeebopper says:

eat saturated fat to satiate hunger in the absence of wild deficiencies of certain mineral requirements (magnesium and potassium the most common deficiencies ibn the “developed world”).

Tadija B says:


TheBeebopper says:

i don’t reckon your beliefs today will have you saying the same when you’re are 25 years old. I ate and drank it all in my early 20′s and found it hard to gain weight however much i tried, i was a skinny runt. At about 27 I was ultra tired and at 28 I was a few stone over what I’d been a year or two before. Look to the scriptures, your only true known guide.

TheBeebopper says:

deep-fried is good when cooked in good fat. My ascendents were 90 to 125 tears of age in 19th century.. Butter and tallow was in common usage during those times. It is the wheat-flour and the artificial fats which are from the dark side in common usage in the last 60years which, i believe have in par caused the early demise of more recent beings on this world…

TheBeebopper says:

I don’t care for the terminology you use, wheat and rye hurt me, barley and oats don’t. What should I believe, in, green spirit?

psychetruth says:


psychetruth says:

Lindt is my favorite brand of chocolate. I eat the 70% often.

Jet Lombardi says:

Info like this is why the world is getting fatter and sicker. Getting people to watch the amount of calories they eat. People under eating making them self sick. Very Low Fat, Very Low Protein & High Carb Eat Like This In Unlimited Amounts, watch yourslef lose weigh effortlessly and and your health will improve.

psychetruth says:

What the hell is a “whole carb”?

If you mean “whole foods” that makes more sense as they are generally much lower glycemic than refined foods.

psychetruth says:

I use to think that and to some degree it is true. But you have to dig a little deeper and ask why people are over-eating so much? The short answer is they are honestly hungry. The biochemical answer is that the food industry has scientifically designed the foods to rollarcoaster people’s blood sugar and create excessive hunger. See videos “How fast food is designed to be addictive” and “The Truth about MSG”.

Jet Lombardi says:

The GI is bogus we all know that. Fast for 20 hours then eat 15 baked potatoes plain then measure your sugar levels, then fast for 20 hours again and eat a chicken breast then measure your sugar level and see which spikes. Carbs is what the body needs. Carb the fuck up. Stop spreading bogus info.

psychetruth says:

Yea, there is always a problem with color correction and which monitor you use. This video looked great on my monitor, it looked way too yellow on the computer next to me but not green. Next time i’ll shoot for more neutral color.

psychetruth says:

Haha. I don’t know where you got information but you were misinformed. carbohydrates are sugars. There is little thing called a glycemic index which measures how quickly a food increased your blood sugar and carbohydrates increase blood sugar more quickly than anything else.

Jet Lombardi says:

Carbs will not spike your sugar. The info in this video is bogus.

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